We can't wait to welcome you to Andover College in September! 

We have created this interactive page to give you a sense of what studying Criminology at Andover College is like. Scroll down to learn more about the course and the content you could study! Then take a look at the video produced by your lecturer Emily. 

We would love to see your results and work! Please return any work to andoverapplicantwelcome@sparsholt.ac.uk with 'Criminology' as the email header!

Be sure to take a look at all the extra-curricular activities and trips you will have the chance to do at Andover and investigate all the additional support we can offer at Andover College through our Careers and Wellbeing teams! 

Welcome to the course!

Meet your lecturer Emily before having a go at the first activities provided - can you work out who is responsible for the crime? 

What is Criminology?  

Criminology can be defined as; The scientific study of crime and criminals. 

At Andover College your modules could include; 

  • The causes of crime
  • Attitudes towards crime
  • How crime is investigated
  • How prevalent is crime
  • The judicial process

Level 3 Criminology Qualification: Details 

  • Is the equivalent to an A level
  • Graded the same as an A level (A – E)
  • Can be studied alongside A levels or BTEC courses
  • Holds the same amount of UCAS points as an A level
  • Each year students will complete:
  • 1 controlled assessment (50%)
  • 1 Exam (50%)

Units Covered

Changing Awareness of Crime (Controlled Assessment Unit)

  • Media representation of crime
  • Perception of crime
  • Campaign to reduce crime

Criminological Theories (Exam Unit)

  • Theories of crime
  • Why do people become criminals?

Crime Scene to Courtroom (Controlled Assessment Unit)

  • Analyse the techniques and job roles involved in investigating a crime

Crime and Punishment (Exam Unit)

  • Analyse the role of agencies in achieving social control
  • Research the effectiveness of agencies of social control

Practical Learning 

At Andover we understand the value in practical as well as theoretical learning. As a second year Criminology student you will examine the use of forensic techniques in criminal investigations by trying to solve a criminal case, analysing blood samples, hair samples and fingerprints!

Practical learning Criminology 1.jpg

Practical learning Criminology 2.jpg

Resources: How to get started!

There are so many resources that you can access to help prepare to study Criminology. Check back to this page each week as the Criminology department will recommend a documentary, podcast or article that you can access to continue your learning over the summer!

Week one: 

Watch the presentation examining the initial evidence and potential suspects and give us your verdict! Make sure to check back in regularly to this page for updates as the case evolves! 

Learn about the Rachel Nickell case highlighting police failings in investigations. 

True-Crime podcasts have increased in popularity in recent years, we would like you to listen to one of the most popular and original in the genre - Serial. Listen to Series 1 which focuses on the case of Adnan Syed who was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend but has always protested his innocence. 

Serial: Episode One available here. 

When you start studying Criminology in September one of the first units you will study focuses on the influence of the media on crimes. This article looks at the link between drill music and knife crime in London. 

Does drill music cause crime, or offer an escape from it? Available here.

Additional Resources

Ready for more? There are lots of free online courses available to continue your learning prior to college. Take a look at the 'Introduction to Crime and Criminology' page at the Open University below and here. 

Open Learn Picture.jpg

Interested in exploring how the human mind works and its limitations? Take a look at the 'Forensic Psychology' course available here.  

Forensic science and fingerprints, covers how science can make fingerprints easier to study, how they are used in court and some of the questions about the extent to which fingerprint identification is sound and scientific. Available below and here. 

Open Learn Picture 2.jpg

Explore life inside UK prisons. Learn whether this type of punishment reduces crime and if rehabilitation can prevent re offending. Available here. 

Student wellbeing and support 

At Andover College we understand that starting college in these uncertain times can be daunting and we aim to make this process as simple as possible. 

We have a dedicated team that provide our students with any additional support they need including; 

  • Counselling 
  • Carer support 
  • Childcare support 
  • Confidential one-to-one services 

We have also recently introduced two new members to the wellbeing team ... Arlo and Romeo the Therapy Dogs!

Arlo and Romeo are part of the continued effort from Andover College to consistently improve on and add to provisions for students. They are based on campus with their owners throughout term.

Research has shown that students are significantly less stressed and anxious, and even have increased happiness and energy, immediately following spending time in a drop-in session with a dog present. What good boys!

Andover Therapy dogs.png

Not already applied?

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Our Courses: 

Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to Principles of Criminology (1 Year) - Equivalent to 1 GCSE 

Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Criminology (1-2 Years)

New Activity: Offender Profiling and Racism within the Police 

Take a look at the presentation below to learn more about Offender Profiling and the different ways in which this can help law enforcement. 

Once you have done this take a look at the Word document focusing on Racism in the Criminal Justice system, including a documentary about the infamous Stephen Lawrence case here in the UK. 

Did you know?

Did you know? 

Andover College was the first college in the South East to offer the Criminology course when it was launched in 2012! 

Students succeed at Andover College!

Students succeed at Andover College! 

2018/19 results:
58% of students achieved an A grade
70% of students achieved an A* - B grade

Careers Guidance 

Our careers guidance aims to expand the horizons of all students enabling you to make informed career decisions in order to progress both during and after college. 

Carol is our dedicated Careers Advisor for Andover College! 

Carol Allen Careers.jpg

We also have our Sun Progression Mentor Anna! 

Anna SUN.jpg

Anna works alongside the Southern Universities Network (SUN) to help students recognise the routes of progression available to them, and to continue their journey in education! 

We recently launched the new Careers Hub located in the College library so come and say hello to Carol and Anna! 

Careers hub launch.jpg

Social Media 

We love to post about all our students on our platforms including their achievements, trips and excellent work - take a look at some of the highlights below and make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! 

Facebook - IT apprenticeship.jpg

Business, Law and Criminology.jpg

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Previous cohorts of Criminology students have had the opportunity to visit a variety of exciting destinations including New York and Washington DC as well as Disney Land Paris! Take a look below! 

Disney Land Paris: 

In 2018 Criminology students attended a Criminology conference held at Disney Land Paris where key speakers included a forensic psychologist who discussed her experience of working with serial killers. 

Disney Land Paris.jpg

New York!

Students from various subject areas including, Law, Criminology and Business Studies had the opportunity to visit New York City! Students got the chance to view a case in the New York Supreme Court and examine the difference in legal systems between the UK and USA. The case involved a large drug operation and raid in the city and students got to observe Police witness cross-examination by the defence. In addition, students visited the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Building) and Ground Zero. All in all an amazing trip! 

Washington DC!

Criminology and Law students also got the chance to visit Washington DC as part of their course. Students got the opportunity to tour the Pentagon and learn about the history of the four military branches as well as see the Memorial Chapel and 911 crash site. Interestingly, tour guides in the Pentagon walk backwards the whole time so they never take their eyes off you!  


Please use your discretion when accessing this material.