Stick feeding African crested porcupines

Stick feeding African crested porcupines

Aldabra giant tortoise feed

During the summer, our pair of Aldabra giant tortoises are only fed at the end of the day. This is because they have access to a paddock during the day with ample grazing opportunity. The feed is used in the afternoons as an incentive for the tortoises to come into the house, where they are shut overnight.

I selected the feed from our fruit and vegetable fridge and chose a selection of vegetables, including spring greens, cucumber, carrot and bell pepper. I then chopped these into large chunks using a serrated knife and chopping board before putting them into a large metal tray for the tortoises to eat from. This tray is long enough to allow both individuals to access the food at the same time.

Selection of Aldabra giant tortoise feed

Preparation of Aldabra giant tortoise feed

Provision of Aldabra giant tortoise feed

Public Humboldt penguin feed

Public Humboldt penguin feed

This video shows the selection, preparation and provision of feed for our group of Humboldt penguins.

In the day prior to this video, a box of frozen sprats was taken out of the freezer and deformed over night before being put in the fridge the following morning.

Firstly the feed is selected from the fridge. I have implemented a labelling system for the fish to help us keep a track of the age of the fish, this allows me to stock rotate effectively, by using feed in the correct order. Once I have selected the fish which needs to be used first, I place it in one of the sinks to start the preparation process.

The fish is rinsed thoroughly to remove any excess oil, this help to reduce the grease and scum on the surface of the pool water. Supplements are then added to some of the fish. In this video, fish eater and calcium supplement are provided. These supplements are intended to replace the nutrients lost from the fish in the freezing process.

I then go to the middle island to feed the penguins and conduct a public talk. The penguins are all fed in the water at the main public feeds, as this encourages natural feeding activity for the public to see as well as improving the fitness of the penguins.