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We have created this interactive page to give you a sense of what studying Law at Andover College is like. Scroll down to watch 'The Trial: Murder in the Family' and complete the accompanying worksheet - who do you think is responsible?

We would love to see your results and work! Please return any work to with 'Law' as the email header!

Be sure to take a look at all the extra-curricular activities you will have the chance to do at Andover and investigate all the additional support we can offer at Andover College through our Careers and Wellbeing teams! 

New Activities!

Take a look at the Murder Fact Sheet activity below and watch some of these recommended documentaries.

End of year documentaries:

‘My Right to Die’ – Debbie’s Story

Emma Glasbey tells the story of right-to-die campaigner Debbie Purdy's final year and her agonising decision to end her life by refusing food. Contains upsetting scenes.

The Accused

Special documentary following a defendant through the criminal justice system as she fights for her freedom, with unprecedented access to the legal process. Contains upsetting scenes. Disclaimer – follows the trial of a GBH and failure to protect an 8-week old baby.

Meet the Lords (Episode 1)

Joining the Club: A look at the larger-than-life characters that populate the House of Lords, one of Britain's oldest, most idiosyncratic and most important institutions.

Catching a Killer: Crocodile Tears

A look at high-profile crimes where people who've appealed for information committed the crimes themselves, from the Philpott case to the murder of Tia Sharp. Includes exclusive interviews. Contains upsetting scenes. Disclaimer – follows the disappearance and murder of children.

Abortion on Trial

50 years after the Abortion Act was passed, Anne Robinson brings together a group of nine people with conflicting views on abortion, to ask if the law is fit for purpose in 2017. Contains upsetting scenes and discussion of abortion.

Judge Rinders Crown Court

Judge Rinder guides viewers through a case of arsenic poisoning.  Video 1 follows the prosecution and video 2 follows the defence.

Getting a Fair Trial

Reporter Katie Razzall investigates cases where crucial evidence had not been investigated by the police or where evidence had been withheld from defendants. Contains upsetting scenes. Disclaimer – follows an investigation regarding the criminal justice system including a case of alleged rape.

Inside the Court of Appeal

Following a year of cases going through the Court of Appeal from first hearing to final verdict. The cases include a Liverpool teenager convicted of a brutal sword murder.

Please note; some of these documentaries may contain upsetting scenes focusing on real cases. Please use your discretion when accessing this material. 

You be the jury! 

The Trial: Murder in the Family: Part 1 

A fictional murder case is tried in a real court by eminent legal professionals and a real jury in this pioneering series. Did Simon Davis kill his ex-wife?

The Trial: Murder in the Family: Part 2: The jury hear details of Simon and Carla's questionable past behaviour. 

Part 3: Carla's last boyfriend takes the stand. He has some secrets of his own.

Part 4: This episode gives a privileged insight into the jury room as their deliberations begin.

Part 5: The jury deliver their verdict, but is it right?

Additional Resources 

Interested in learning more about the various subjects you could study? Take a look at these additional resources and let us know how you get on! 

Video library/recommendations: 

  • 12 Angry Men (Film) – 1957 (B&W Film)

  • 24 Hours in Police Custody (TV series) – current available here. 

24 hours in custody 2.PNG

  • BBC iPlayer documentaries in the Crime and Justice section (NB, some of these are not UK based) - available here. 

Prefer to read? Why not investigate these books!

  • The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It’s Broken (2018) (ISBN 13: 978-1509841141)
  • To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) (ISBN 13: 978-0099549482)
  • Eve Was Framed: Women and British Justice (1993) (ISBN 13: 978-0099224419)

The Open University has a variety of free online courses available in an array of different subjects. Take a look at the catalogue to choose your course! Here. We recommend the following courses: 

  • Starting with law: An overview of the law
  • Starting with law
  • The meaning of crime
  • The law-making process for England and Wales
  • Judges and the law

You could also investigate the courses offered at the EtonX web page; please note these are paid for programmes that your current school may have access to so please check with them and back here regularly for updates.


Please use your discretion when accessing this material. 

Our Courses: 

BTEC Level 3 Certificate/Extended Certificate (1-2 Years): Applied Law 

A-Level (2 Years): Law 

Student Experience 

Former Andover College student Lauren explains her decision to take Law, English Literature & Language, Psychology and Business Studies, her experience at College, the support available and what she is up to now! 


Student Experience: Lauren

Careers Guidance 

Our careers guidance aims to expand the horizons of all students enabling you to make informed career decisions in order to progress both during and after college. 

Carol is our dedicated Careers Advisor for Andover College! 

Carol Allen Careers.jpg

We also have our Sun Progression Mentor Anna! 

Anna SUN.jpg

Anna works alongside the Southern Universities Network (SUN) to help students recognise the routes of progression available to them, and to continue their journey in education! 

We recently launched the new Careers Hub located in the College library so come and say hello to Carol and Anna! 

Careers hub launch.jpg

Student wellbeing and support 

At Andover College we understand that starting college in these uncertain times can be daunting and we aim to make this process as simple as possible. 

We have a dedicated team that provide our students with any additional support they need including; 

  • Counselling 
  • Carer support 
  • Childcare support 
  • Confidential one-to-one services 

We have also recently introduced two new members to the wellbeing team ... Arlo and Romeo the Therapy Dogs!

Arlo and Romeo are part of the continued effort from Andover College to consistently improve on and add to provisions for students. They are based on campus with their owners throughout term.

Research has shown that students are significantly less stressed and anxious, and even have increased happiness and energy, immediately following spending time in a drop-in session with a dog present. What good boys!

Andover Therapy dogs.png

Social Media 

We love to post about all our students on our platforms including their achievements, trips and excellent work - take a look at some of the highlights below and make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! 

Facebook - Student testimonials.jpg

Business, Law and Criminology.jpg

Twitter - investing in your future.jpg


Previous cohorts of Law students have had the opportunity to visit a variety of exciting destinations including New York and Washington DC as well as the Houses of Parliament in London! Take a look below! 

Houses of Parliament, London: 

Students are taken on a tour of Parliament, through both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, where they have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the law making process. On occasion some student groups are lucky enough to view a debate in either House! The knowledge students gain on the trip is then used in an interactive workshop as learners debate and work towards establishing their own fictitious laws! In previous years these have included ‘re-introducing the death penalty’ and ‘equal pay for young people’.

Washington DC!

Law students also got the chance to visit Washington DC as part of their course. This trip focused on the different processes and history between the US and UK focusing on the United States Constitution and linked well to the development of Human Rights internationally. Students got the opportunity to tour the Pentagon and learn about the history of the four military branches as well as see the Memorial Chapel and 911 crash site. Interestingly, tour guides in the Pentagon walk backwards the whole time so they never take their eyes off you!  

New York!

Students from various subject areas including, Law, Criminology and Business Studies had the opportunity to visit New York City! Students got the chance to view a case in the New York Supreme Court and examine the difference in legal systems between the UK and USA. The case involved a large drug operation and raid in the city and students got to observe Police witness cross-examination by the defence. In addition, students visited the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Building) and Ground Zero. All in all an amazing trip! 


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