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Arboriculture, Forestry and Woodland Management at Sparsholt 

Tree Work; what’s it all about?

Most people consider tree work as simply cutting them down! But, have you ever considered:

  • The main aim of an arborist is actually to retain trees – there is usually only a need to remove them if safety is compromised.
  • Foresters manage woodlands to ensure a sustainable crop is maintained. Our woodlands provide huge habitat value, whilst also sequestering carbon.
  • Trees provide countless benefits to humans; better air quality, screening, food, increased mental well-being to name a few. Tree workers are vital to sustain and even improve these benefits.
  • Our trees are constantly at threat, especially from pests and diseases – ash die-back, for instance – trained tree workers can identify these issues and deal with them in the correct manner.

Trees are high on the nation’s agenda, to assist in tackling climate change. The main focus in on planting trees, ‘which is why the Government has set itself a target of establishing 30,000 ha of new woodland in England by 2025’; but, they need to be the right trees in the right place!

The £640m Nature for Climate fund will increase tree planting in England and is therefore likely to create job opportunities.

Planting new trees is great, but we also need to look after the ones that we’ve got, through good management. Only knowledgeable tree workers can make those calls.

There’s no two ways about it, trees are awesome!

Train as a tree worker and help save the planet (not all heroes wear capes!)

Click on the Welcome to Arb and Forestry video below for information from our expert lecturers and students about how fantastic the Arb and Forestry courses are at Sparsholt!

After you have watched the video you might want to try this QUIZ to see how well you listened and soaked up the information!

Industry Placements

As part of our Level 3 qualifications full-time students aged 16-18 will be required to complete a compulsory industry placement with a sector-specific employer or voluntary organisation.

Industry placements provide students with opportunities to:

  • Apply the knowledge learned at college to the workplace
  • Increase confidence as skills are developed
  • Develop communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills
  • See how a business operates in the real world
  • Identify key technical strengths and skills you will need at work
  • Test career choices and aspirations
  • Line up an employer reference and achieve an additional college certificate for future use
  • Find part-time work alongside studies or full-time employment once courses are completed

One dedicated placement day per week will form a part of our students’ weekly timetable across the academic year.

Our Industry Placement team will be here to support and guide you through this process from start to finish.

Get ahead of the rest and get your industry placement sorted before you start your course with us by emailing the team at ip@sparsholt.ac.uk.

University Centre Sparsholt 

Did you know that Sparsholt also offers higher education including foundation degrees, degrees and masters courses in a variety of different areas! 

University Centre Sparsholt is the perfect place to take your education further in the interesting and varied fields of Conservation and Wildlife Management, Animal/Zoo Biology, Fishery and Aquatics, Equine Science and Performance management or Veterinary Nursing Science! 

Take a look at our website for more information and 2021 prospectus.

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Our Courses: 

Land-based Operations  Level 1 Rural Skills (Woodland)

Arboriculture and Forestry Level 2 Technical Certificate

Arboriculture Level 3

Forestry Level 3

Careers Guidance 

Our careers guidance aims to expand the horizons of all students enabling you to make informed career decisions in order to progress both during and after college. 

Carol is our dedicated Careers Advisor for Sparsholt College! 

Carol Allen Photo.jpg.5.jpg.6

We also have our SUN Progression Mentor Anna! 

Anna Philpot Photo.jpg.5.jpg.6

Anna works alongside the Southern Universities Network (SUN) to help students recognise the routes of progression available to them, and to continue their journey in education! 

We recently launched the new Careers Hub located in the College library so come and say hello to Carol and Anna! 

Student wellbeing and support 

At Sparsholt College we understand that starting college in these uncertain times can be daunting and we aim to make this process as simple as possible. 

We have a dedicated team that provide our students with any additional support they need including: 

  • Counselling 
  • Carer support 
  • Childcare support 
  • Confidential one-to-one services 

Social Media 

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